Unique Property Bulletin 11 August 2013

Fort Palmerston

Fort Palmerston MAIN

Fort Palmerston, Isle of Wight (c) 2013 Hose Rhodes Dickson 

Fort Palmerston Exterior 3

Solent Views From Fort Palmerston, Isle of Wight (c) 2013 Hose Rhodes Dickson

A confession. We have a bias for detached property. Also a bias for renovation projects. A unique start through to a unique finish when it comes to a preference about unusual property.

So here is the rub. Every now and then a particularly unusual building comes along that is neither detached, nor a renovation project. The completed item. Often castles go this way. Commercial developers usually make a fantastic job converting a castle into apartment homes. The ones that any of us here have seen are beautiful. There is clearly a market for such. So this week we are taking our blinkers off. Fort Palmerston – okay it isn’t a castle – but it is an unusual property, and a fine conversion.

Fortunately, it is on an island, and many people have travelled to this Fort on our very very favourite ferry to the Isle of Wight …

MV Southsea MAIN G RSZ

Isle of Wight Ferry – MV Southsea (c) 2013 Russ McLean & Evans Collection

You may be thinking we have lost the plot. Again. Digressing onto a ferry. But, the old Isle of Wight stalwart ferry MV Southsea was one of the very first Unique Property Syndicate projects we enjoyed, and this wonderful ship is a direct reason this Unique Property Bulletin has survived. Thanks to that old clunker boat, you are able to read this Bulletin. We don’t ever want to forget the old girl. Proceeds from that MV Southsea ship purchase adventure helps maintain this eccentric unusual homes Bulletin adventure.

Fort Palmerston Interior 1

Wonderful Bonding Between Old & New (c) 2013 Hose Rhodes Dickson

Back to buildings. So what is for sale? Here on the Isle of Wight is a 4 Bedroom Apartment within this magnificent and historic building. Fort Palmerston – the usual spelling is “Palmerston” without the letter “e” at the end. Converted into 18 modern flats carved out of an impenetrable artillery bastion. The original structure was built around 1868 to protect Portsmouth from French invasion – which never came. Hence the alternate name of Palmerston’s Folly. Situated approximately a mile inland from Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight there are commanding views over the Solent.

Agency Narrative: An unusual opportunity to secure a high tech home in a Grade I listed landmark building. Designed and built as part of the Palmerston forts, promoted by Lord Palmerston the Prime Minister at the time, this post was part of the accommodation and battery for the troops completed in 1868. In juxtaposition to the age and history of the fort the site is brimming with contemporary design and high tech fixtures and fittings.

Mews house number 5 is designed as an upside down home with 4 double/twin rooms on the ground floor (3 ensuite and a family bathroom) with an extremely large kitchen/breakfast room and sitting room on the first floor opening onto the covered veranda. The contemporary kitchen is well fitted with quality units with granite worksurfaces and offers generous storage and is packed with quality NEFF electrical goods.

The fully tiled bathrooms and the fittings within are of a similar high quality. The property has a gated secure entrance through an archway and resident parking within the fountained courtyard. The home can be accessed from ground or first floor level.

Fort Palmerston Exterior 2

Victorian Utilitarian Meets Modern Life (c) 2013 Hose Rhodes Dickson

The exterior can seem a little harsh, but this is a very fine conversion of what was a purpose built Victorian Fort. So all we would say is enjoy the contrast between old engineering of this foritified building, and very new, luxurious apartment living. Accommodation is spacious with high ceilings on the upper floors featuring the brick barrelled ceilings, packed with high spec technology, including: mood lighting, wired for Sky and complete home entertainment system, video camera entry, broadband with wireless enabled.

MEWS HOUSE 5 Accommodation is as follows:

Ground Floor:

Bedroom 1 with shower ensuite.

Bedroom 2 with shower ensuite.

Bedroom 3 with shower ensuite,

Bedroom 4.


First Floor

Kitchen/Breakfast room, Sitting Room/Dining Room,

Communal courtyard providing parking for up to 2 cars.

Communal Roof Garden: Accessed from either the courtyard or the 1st floor balcony. Stairs lead to a wonderful feature of this imaginatively converted unusual place to call home. The roof garden has panoramic views across the West Wight countryside to the Solent, set out with planted borders, seating areas.

Location: Mews House 5, Fort Palmerston, Colwell Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9DT

Tenure: Long Leasehold/Share of the Freehold.

Guide: £575,000.

Contact Hose Rhodes Dickson Tel: 01983 521144 Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.




Comparable Prices – Different Lifestyles

Beach Hut 1

The Beach Hut Porth Mawr Beach, Gwynedd (c) 2013 Countrywide

Just strolling through the delights of different unusual properties we came across this little beach hut coming up for auction. The location is nice. There are in fact two semi-detached beach huts for sale, with a combined asking price of £80,000+. The location is of course important, but that has two edges. The first is the sea view, which our friend at the BBC Brian Milligan was kind enough to give us a 10,000 boost in visitor numbers from a brief and very kind mention of one of our websites via his article:

BBC – How Much Should You Pay For A Sea View

In fact the shocker in the article above was a lady wanting £200,000 for a beach hut. Seriously? For £200,000 you can have a fantastic seaview home built to last more that 20 years! Particularly important if you are unlucky enough to require a mortgage. Something at £200,000 made of bricks and mortar ranks vastly over a DIY, albeit a very nice DIY Garden Shed.

This got us thinking. Pwllheli is a lovely place. Visited there as a kid. Lovely beaches. Hence the Abersoch Beach Hut does of course have a value. It is a fantastic location, and a lovely view.

Beach Hut 11 RSZ

Porth Mawr Beach Beach Hut View (c) 2013 Countrywide

But with beach hut owners seeking buyers at £80,000 to £200,000 it raises a curious debate? When you study what comparable properties you can buy for similar money – indeed at prices very near to the low end of the £80,000 – £200,000 quoted some interesting options arise. For £100,000 you can buy large buildings and seaview properties that are literaly brilliant. Beach Hut owners please forgive this writer. There are millions of beach hut devotees – we’ve enjoyed the fun of one and are amongst them ourselves. But when examining the comparables in this price range, there is an interesting dilemma. Having recently listed a much more substantial trio of buildings on our sister site …

Our Lighthouses For Sale Website

The owner of the lighthouse buildings, with whom we are in direct communication with – a lovely lady – would consider selling each of the three buildings at Cantick Head Lighthouse Compound individually and on a separate basis.

Cantick Head Lighthouse Compound Calum McRoberts

Cantick Head Lighthouse Buildings (c) 2013 Calum McRoberts

We already have two Unique Property Syndicate members actively studying buying one of the three houses at Cantick Head on an individual property-by-property basis. The price? We estimate £100,000 for the First Assistant’s former lighthouse dwelling, and the same for the Second Assistant’s former house. If you study the photograph above and the Lighthouses For Sale weblink for Cantick Head Lighthouse Compound, do you not fancy a slice of that for £100,000 ?



Cantick Head Lighthouse Buildings


Three Lighthouse Building Floor Plans


Contact Us Aboout A House At £100,000 Or £150,000


So what is the difference between a beach hut and a lighthouse building? Clearly the Island of Hoy is a long way away – from large centre of population. But is it really that far? Dopey-face, sitting here writing this, bought a hotel in Kansas off of Ebay a few years back. No seriously, this really does happen. We have sold over a million pounds of buildings on Ebay over the past decade, and it can be a very good platform for property sleuthing. You should try it. Anyways, the Kansas hotel was $120,000 and a real bargain. So onto the plane from Scotland and about 16 hours later off of a plane at Lincoln Airport Nebraska. A phone call to the realtor (US equivalent of estate agent) and she said “we didn’t think you were serious – sorry we sold it to someone else”. What was said in reply is a whole other story. However, at this point, yours truly got out a US road map and looked at the route from Lincoln to where friends lived at the south eastern tip of Missouri. A few hours drive methinks. Here’s the thing. If you ever find yourself in a similar position, engage the brain into a gear that works. US road maps are a different scale to the UK road maps. Two days later I was still driving! Voluntary detour and curiousity visits to Iowa, Kansas and Illinois along the way didn’t help the journey time. An adventure yes, but also a very instructive lesson on perception. What constitutes a long distance? In the UK Lands End to John O’Groats is around 603 miles as the crow flies and 870 miles by road. That is the absolute farthest you can drive on mainland Britain. Here in the U.K., that is our scale; our perception; our reality; our Land’s End. Yet in America they think nothing of that distance. The US mindset is that 2,000 miles are doable. Anything around 500 miles is a cinch. The point here is important because it may affect your life. It has positively impacted for several folk at this end of the Bulletin. In the U.K., distances being “very far” or “too far” from any point A to point B are often over-hyped. Just watch Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Top Gear. The whole programme is predicated on automobile adventures involving driving and distances. Our Bulletin, it could be said, is predicated on property adventures involving driving and distances in some respects.

MV Claymore Photo

Pentland Ferry to Orkney – MV Claymore (c) 2006 Russ McLean

So where does this leave us? London to the Orcadian Pentland Ferry operated by the marvellous Andrew Banks is 675 glorious and spectacular miles. More or less. If you live in the midlands in may just be a 6 hour drive. But if we take London as an example – the 11 hour journey can be made in one day, but it is an idea, wherever you live in the U.K., to spread the journey over two days. Orkney is one of those true gems. At least once in your lifetime you should take a few days out to visit. There is something so fundamentally special about the place. If you do go on a road-trip north, we would definitely suggest you split the trip over two days there and two days back. Perhaps a long Bank Holiday adventure. The top part of the journey you have a ferry, then the marvellous island linking chain of Churchill Barriers that circumnavigate and protect the world famous Scapa Flow ….

Churchill Barrier No 3 David Gearing

Beach Evolution – Churchill Barrier No 3, Orkney (c) 2013 David Gearing

Churchill Barrier 2 Rob Farrow

Perspective: Churchill Barrier No 2, Orkney (c) 2013 Rob Farrow

Then another small short crossing ferry to get to what might be your new home at Cantick Head Lighthouse Compound on the Island of Hoy. We started this element with a beach house, but would thoroughly recommend a detour via the Northern Isles. It may be a little bias – one of a wish to share amazing life-experiences. From our perspective, one of the unsung special places within the United Kingdom. So much so, that family members are already Top Gearing up to visit Hoy and see if one of the three might be a family destination. The place really is that good.

However, if you fancy a beach hut, here is the agency narrative:-

This Beach Hut is located on a unique freehold site on Abersoch Main Beach. The hut has its own entrance with Double wooden doors and a timber balcony. The plot has a strip of land extending down to the mean high water mark. Viewing arrangements – Strictly by appointment with our joint agent Beresford Adams. Tel: 01758 712016.

Location: Beach Hut 11a, Porth Mawr Beach, Abersoch, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL53 7AP

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £40,000 + Lot Number 102 – Auction Date: 23 August 2013.

Also The Other Beach Hut at £40,000 – Lot 103.

Always remember F.T.S.A.A.

Contact Countrywide Property Auctions Tel: 0870 2401140 – Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

Online Brochure ….

Countrywide Property Auctions Beach Huts For Sale


Q & A

We received an email asking about the layout of each week’s Unique Property Bulletin. Fair point. The thing has evolved from the 1987 paper based endeavour into something quite, quite different. Even in the 22 months the Bulletin has been transferred to fully online it has changed and been refined. Simplified in some respects. Made to fit what readers ask for and need. So in answer to the question, the Bulletin layout each week is based on the general guidelines…

UPB1 = Headline Unique Property – Particularly Special In Some Way.

UPB2 = Unique Property 2 – Lower Price Scale.

UPB3 = Unique Property 3 – Alternate Geographic Areas.

UPB4 = Unique Property 4 – Medium Price Scale.

UPB5 = Unique Property 5 – Alternate Geographic Areas.

UPB6 = Unique Property 6 – Higher End Sale Price Or Wildcard.

UPB7 = Unique Architecture, Or Unique Person/Organisation.

UPB8 = Unique Holiday Or Rental Try Before You Buy.

This layout isn’t carved in stone, and can vary significantly from week to week. But we have tried to reflect the way readers have asked the Unique Property Bulletin to grow. It is also very important to us that we get the price balance right. Featuring properties from £1,000 to £10,000,000 so that every reader has something that might light their financial fire. To also cover all corners of the U.K., – for a decent spectrum of location choice. To also feature some additional narrative so that the core reporting of unusual properties for sale is augmented with – hopefully – some useful and interesting information along the way.

If you have a view, good or bad, but most importantly, constructive in relation to how you would make the Bulletin improve, please let us know….

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Many thanks.


Pretty Chapel – Pretty Price

Church Wrexham Former Chapel, Wrexham (c) 2013 Roy Pugh

Next building in this edition of the Unique Property Bulletin we have a very interestingly priced church for potential conversion – subject of course to planning permission. If you click on the weblink for online details below, there is an fine photograph of the exquisite interior. For such a modestly priced building this is beautiful.

The property is located at the intersection with Bank Street, Chapel Street and Johnson Street in a predominantly residential area. Wrexham town centre is approximately 3 miles to the north west.

Description: This is a detached former chapel with rectory, and has development potential – subject to gaining the necessary consents. It is offered with vacant possession.

Accommodation – The approximate net internal areas:

Entrance Area: 11.64 sq m – 125 sq ft.

Main Chapel: 147.00 sq m – 1,581 sq ft.

Upper Floor Seating Area: 77.64 sq m – 835 sq ft.

Meeting Rooms/Store/WC: 27.40 sq m – 294 sq ft.

Basement Storage: 17.40 sq m – 187 sq ft.

Rectory Including. Kitchen & Living Area: 114.08 sq m -1,227 sq ft.

Total: 395.16 sq – 4,249 sq ft.

Location: Former Chapel, Bank Street, Ponciau, Wrexham, Clywd, LL14 1RW.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £50,000Auction Lot 99 – Auction Date 12 September 2013.

Contact Roy Pugh Auctioneers Tel: 0844 2 722444Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay FREE to use by letting the auction house know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.




Fair Cop – Save Your Life ?

Police Station Penwortham 1 MAIN

Penwortham Police Station & House, Lancashire (c) 2013 Roy Pugh

A basic function of the Unique Property Bulletin is to keep a ready supply of doer uppers as our American friends like to term it. We present a considerable amount of building for a very reasonable amount of money in this listing. Probably a doer upper. There are both residential and commercial parts here. As we have mentioned, a likely “next big thing” is for folk to work from home in greater and greater numbers. The boom of broadband and expansion of the internet gives credence to this. You don’t need a crystal ball to see a future game-changer on the horizon. In fact the case for the prosecution is well put – sorry, but we are talking about a cop shop here. Refrase M’Lud. The case for having a homebased internet business is compelling. Saving for example a 30 minutes drive from home to work equals 60 minutes per day; multiply that by 232 working days per year; multply again by 45 working years equals ONE YEAR and 70 DAYS of your life SAVED by ditching the communte. The economists also would pipe up here. Opportunity cost. What pay would you expect to be reimbursed, in monetary terms, for that one year and seven months of your life [10,440 hours]? To be hyper-accurate the one year seven months needs to be divided by 8 hours etc., to work out the correct loss to your lifetime income. The REAL commute/work-pay/loss would be a staggering 3 years and 209 days LOST in your lifetime. So if you were on an average £24,808 per annum wage [Source Career Advice Monster ] then multiply that by the commuting loss in your wage/time and it is around £88,697. That is a real number. It is what YOU LOSE over your lifetime by commuting to work 30 minutes a day. Alright you may have some “thinking time” in the commute journey, but given the choice would that time not be better spent watching and spending precious moments as your family grows up, or doing what you do best during the work part of your life – work at a job of your choice!

Police Station Penwortham 2

Plus Nice Big Police House To Call Home (c) 2013 Roy Pugh

Then we add the fuel saving from the avoidable commute costs (or inexorably increasing train price ticket etc). Using the 30 minute commute to work replaced with living 20 seconds from your new internet business based example in your new police home, to your building’s former police station part we can work out the detail. Say 20 mile commute times return journey. That would be approximately a round trip £6 in fuel or train ticket. Times 232 days, times 45 years, equals £62,640. Oops did you just cough your coffee all over your keyboard like I just did. Yup you read that correctly: £62,640 you may pay in commute to work travel expenses.

Not to mention a big, big hole in the Ozone Layer you are leaving your kids and grandkids from all that avoidable motor/train fume pollution.

So we have a potential saving of £88,697 in saved life hours if we ditch the commute, added to which we can put the £62,640.

This means replacing a 30 minute daily commute with a 20 second nip from your house to work next door saves you £88,697 + £62,640 = £151,337.

THAT is a lot of money. Here’s a thought, put that £151,337 of YOUR money/worth to paying off the mortgage on a £200,000 former Police House with the Police Station included – or indeed any unique property where the house part comes with a work section of building. You will be quids in. The kids will also have great fun playing cops and robbers. Plus if they are really bad – they can play in the former Police Cells. Well we shouldn’t recommend what to do in that instance as we would fall foul of the RSPCA or RSPCC or something.

One last thing about commute-life-saving. Here’s a dare for you? Maybe reach across for the calculator and an old envelope to write some numbers on the back of. No better time than right now. Perhaps work out how much of your life you may be wasting on a commute to work? As Cilla says: Surprise Surprise ! Maybe even email us the number you come up with? No names, no pack drill. Just be interested if the life savings – literally life savings. You do in fact have a number for this. Why not work out what commuting costs you, and if there is anything positive that you can do to save your life being used up this way?

Police Station Penwortham 3

Basic, But Seems Fair & Functional (c) 2013 Roy Pugh

Sorry Anti-Commuting Rant Over. Feel Better Though.

Anyways, food for thought ?

Location: Former Penwortham Police Station, Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 0HT.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £200,000 – Auction Lot 89 – Auction Date 12 September 2013.

Contact Roy Pugh Auctioneers Tel: 0844 2 722444 – Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay FREE to use by letting the estate agent/owner/auction house know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.





Hamish Macbeth Please Come Back

Plockton Hotel

Hamish Macbeth – The Plockton Hotel (c) 2103 Bruce & Co

This week we have a plea to whoever is now in charge at Zenith Television Productions, but probably for more direct responsiveness – actor Robert Carlyle? Please can you come back for a NEW three series return? Possibly to answer the oft asked question: “what happened next?” Surely the time is right for a concluding series? Maybe scripted to illustrate Lochdubh happenings leading up to the retirement of Hamish Macbeth and the gentle winding down of Robert Carlyle’s police career?

We have been nudged to ask this question because this week we have a rare property for sale at Plockton. Apart from the innate beauty …


Plockton is for millions, yes really, millions of folk the spiritual and professional home of actor Robert Carlyle. For many his eponymous lead role in the television series as rural police officer Hamish Macbeth was a pure delight to see. The filming location at Plockton, is, for many, still the incarnation of Lochdubh. This place the fictional location chosen by writer M.C. Beaton via her Macbeth Book Series

Montage – Reminder of Hamish Macbeth at Lochdubh

Plockton Nigel J C Turnbull

Can You See Hamish Macbeth’s Police Station? (c) 2013 Nigel J C Turnbull

The above photograph taken the beach near to the front of the Plockton Hotel teases a little in showing, at a distance, the building that was used in the filming of the likeable roguish Hamish Macbeth’s Police Station. The M.C. Beaton books translate well to the television series, and provided wonderful and gentle entertainment to many. Indeed you can still immerse yourself in a marathon weekend of Lochdubh, Hamish, Wee Jock, TV John and all of the finely crafted characters, by splurging out the best 15 quid for many many hours of reminiscing

Amazon – Sale of Hamish Macbeth DVD Series

A confession from the writer of this week’s Bulletin, a gift of work-life was afforded in having been allowed a career path as a local bobby on the islands of Islay and Jura. It is a marvellous thing to be able to dip into a Hamish Macbeth DVD to revisit what was actually very close to real life as a rural beat police officer. Right down to the old Police Landrover. Though ours had the more pleasing aroma of the spiritual in the back rather than freshly caught salmon. Enough of confession time.

Back to Lochdubh. Sorry, Plockton. Just so you can have an immediate view of what is going on there right now, we can link directly to CalumCam – the very nice Calum Mackenzie [Tel: 01599 544306]. Calum runs the very popular Calum’s Seal Trips from Plockton and has kindly, at quite a cost, installed an internet enabled video webcam for everyone to enjoy …

Calum’s Plockton & Lochdubh Interactive Webcam

Thankyou Calum.

The brilliant thing is you can direct this camera, via your internet connection, so you can see all around Plockton on your computer screen. Though as mentioned elsewhere, for some reason the camera does have it’s own mind on what to look at, so don’t be surprised if you end up viewing someone having a barbecue, instead of the view you chose to direct the camera to – for example, that of Hamish Macbeth’s fictional polices station.

Plockton Richard Dorrell

Plockton/Lochdubh – A Sublime Place To Live (c) 2013 Richard Dorrell

So after all of that preamble, what do we have to offer in Plockton for this week’s Unique Property Bulletin ?

Only a very key part of the community of Plockton [and Lochdubh] – The Plockton Hotel……


Agency Narrative: The Plockton Hotel is an established family business that has been run by the current proprietors since 1991. The business has been placed on the market due to the current proprietors impending retirement. The hotel trades throughout the year from a good mix of accommodation, food and wet sales. The quality of the hotel is reflected in the number of awards it currently holds such as the 3 Stars from AA, Pub of the Year 2009, 2010 CAMRA, Scottish Dining Pub of The Year 2011 (The Good Pub Guide) and AA Pub of The Year Additional marketing is carried out through its own informative website www.plocktonhotel.co.uk. It enjoys much repeat custom, particularly due to its location next to the Loch and also its communication links to the likes of Inverness and the Isle of Skye.

The business plays an integral role in the local community as many locals use it for meetings and dinners etc. Although the hotel is trading successfully, it still has potential to grow income further.

If you do buy the Plockton Hotel, our very best wishes and congratulations. A wonderful place and a fine style of life.


As for Mr Carlyle and Hamish Macbeth? Robert, Maryhill is a fine place. I was there as a boy in blue, but much preferred the wholesome fresh air of remote police work.

But a message from one old cop to another – will ye no come back?

Lochdubh needs you. Just a wee set of three series to complete the circle of M.C.Beaton’s work that you started with – acting in such gentle and delightful way during the 1990’s. Perhaps a series featuring the middle and end of this wonderful fictional character? It would be really nice to see how everyone got on. I am sure some of the RADA and especially some of the RSAMD and acting profession ensemble Hamish Macbeth cast would like to reprise many of the well known roles. Only Robert Carlyle could really answer such a question. Over to you sir?

As for the well kent Plockton Hotel…

Location: The Plockton Hotel, Harbour Street, Plockton, Ross-shire, IV52 8TN.

Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Equivalent of Freehold).

Guide: £1,200,000.

Contact Bruce & Co., Agencies Tel: 0844 7011 811 – Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

Online Brochure and LOTS of details ….


You may need to register with Bruce & Co to access the page more than once in a day.

Any problems, we shall do our best to assist …



Architecturally Unique

Evening Hill 1

Contemporary Delight (c) 2013 Savills

In our Architecturally Unique section this week we can feature one of the David James’ Architect designs that has recently come up for sale.

You may be able to spot this property amongst the contemporary selection of work from the incredibly imagination of the David James’ draughtsman drawing boards….

David James – A Selection Of Unique Commissions

This Week’s Nomination For Unique Architects:-

David James Architects & Associates Ltd
5 Wolterton Road
BH12 1LR

Telephone: 01202 755633

Evening Hill 7 Private – Yet Open – Along With Fine Design (c) 2013 Savills

This is a state of the art, detached 4 bedroom house with gorgeous harbour views, and a private lift to all floors.

Rather than the Unique Property Bulletin make too much narrative here, Savills have made a lovely job of the brochure for this delight as per the link below.

Evening Hill 9

Bringing High Level Seaview To Your Lounge (c) 2013 Savills

Over to Savills:-

Location: Arlington Close, Evening Hill, Poole, BH14 8NF

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £2,750,000 – Correct as of August 2013.

Contact Savills Agencies Tel: 01202 70 8888 Mr Keith Fensom. Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.




Try Before You Buy …..

Unique Holidays & Rentals

Martello Tower Holiday

Martello Tower Holiday 1 RSZ

Holiday At Aldeburgh Martello Tower (c) 2013 The Landmark Trust

Now that is what I call a proper entrance! Is there a dawbridge somewhere within that wooden walkway?

Many years ago a stint working near London meant living within the extended commuter belt – East Anglia. This Martello Tower was within an hour or two, and had we known about it would have been a delight to visit. Indeed it may be a treat from anyone living in London. Not sure how tastes vary. There does seem to be a bond between Londoners and Scots. At least the hospitality in London when working there was fantastic, and it was, at one time the biggest city on the planet. So with the hectic lifestyle that folk living in the whole of the South East endure, then a long weekend staying at such a wonderful looking Martello Tower in Aldeburgh might be just the peace and quiet needed to recharge the batteries. What better than a Napoleonic Battery to do such a thing at!

Martello Holiday 2 RSZ

Interesting Martello Tower Interior (c) 2013 The Landmark Trust

But the true intention from our Bulletin perspective is to sample what a fully refurbished Martello Tower might be like to live within. We received several emails from last week’s feature …

Martello Tower Section Towards The Bottom Of The Earlier Bulletin

… of the spectacular “Martello Tower Y” that it seemed proper to include a follow up Martello Tower that could be rented for a weekend, or longer to see if it is your sort of unique?

Hopefully some inspiration can be gained if you do venture to Aldeburgh in Suffolk for a Martello Tower Experience.

Martello Holiday 3 RSZ

Holiday At Aldeburgh Martello Tower ? (c) 2013 The Landmark Trust

Owner’s Narrative: A million bricks used in its construction. This is the largest and most northerly of the chain of towers put up by the Board of Ordnance to keep out Napoleon. Built in the shape of a quatrefoil for four heavy guns, nearly a million bricks were used in its construction. It stands at the root of the Orford Ness peninsula, between the River Alde and the sea, a few hundred yards from Aldeburgh. Here you may live with the sea, the wind and rain sometimes, the light at Orford Ness flashing at night, and Aldeburgh at just the right distance.

What An Amazing Layout …

Martello Tower Interior Plan Drawing

For Further Details Please Check Out …

Feature Page Link For Martello Tower Holiday & Living Experience

To Book A Martello Holiday, Please Contact …

The Landmark Trust


Booking Office: 01628 825925

Or Email..


This should be a firm principle for anyone looking to live in an unusual type of home. From first hand experience we saw a couple very keen on moving to an island, but it wasn’t the ideal home that they had hoped for. So whenever we can we recommend folk try before they buy. What better way than spending a weekend, a couple of weeks or even a couple of months at a unique home to see if it suits. Ideally spend a short while in the middle of summer, then the same in the middle of winter. That way you can see for real, whether your choice is right for you, and your style of life fits in with it.


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