Unique Property Bulletin 13 October 2013

Email A Castle – Thanks

Rannoch 4Rannoch School, Perthshire (c) 2013 Remax Scotland

Last week we answered an email that appeared in our inbox, titled “Email A Castle Please”. We did. After last week’s castle, this triggered a wide array of further emails. We hadn’t realised such depth of interest in such structures existed here at the Bulletin. We also received a much appreciated “Email A Castle – Thanks” from the original reader. Given the interest in this genre, we have another fine structure for sale – more of a Baronial Mansion. Though the architectural vernacular is what might be thought of, by many, as the classical castle style that they may imagine.

Rannoch 1

Rannoch School, Perthshire (c) 2013 Remax Scotland

Ironically it isn’t just the castle genre we have here but a whole school within a fabulous estate…


We know, from direct experience of a similar set of circumstances at the former RAF Bawdsey Manor adventure in Suffolk, and our competing bidder – a marvellous gentleman called Neils Toettcher, that a new life for such large estates can be found by use as an educational institution. After the competitive process ran its race at the home of Radar in East Anglia, we derived great comfort in realising that Neils was the perfect owner for the magnificent and historic RAF Bawdsey.

The historic RAF Bawdsey became the Alexanders International College. Like Rannoch School, the former RAF Bawdsey was a large estate with great potential for education.

So what better reincarnation than a place of such historic, architectural and visual wonder as Rannoch? In almost parallel lines to RAF Bawdsey Manor and Alexanders International College, the same may also be said of Rannoch School. Established by three masters from Gordonstoun School and opened on 24 September 1959.

Rannoch 7

Interior Splendour (c) 2013 Remax Scotland

Threatened with closure in 2001, and after valiant attempts to stave off this ending, Rannoch School was supported by extra public and private donations for a year, but succumbed to closure in 2002.

The location is visually spectacular. The school may now be closed. But, and this is key, we know a significant number of our Unique Property Bulletin readership are in the fairly rarefied atmosphere of the Neils Toettchers of this world. Well placed to study such a project. It would truly be a wondrous thing if this genuinely fine estate could be bought and reopened as a place to teach the next generation.

Rannoch 2

Additional Buildings (c) 2013 Remax Scotland

What is for sale at Rannoch School? Also known as Dall House Estate. The Agency Narrative is as follows:

Rannoch School/Dall Estate is located on the south shore of Loch Rannoch, set in stunning Highland Perthshire. The Estate dates back to 1347 and Dall House was built in 1855 as the new seat of the Robertson Clan (Clan Donnachaidh), whose name and extensive lands were gifted to them by King Robert the Bruce, for their service to him in the Scottish Wars of Independence.

The house was commissioned by Clan Chief George Duncan Robertson and built by the renowned architect Thomas Mackenzie, who was responsible for the present Ballindalloch castle (1847) and Aldourie Castle (1853), famous for its location being that of the first sighting of the famous Loch Ness Monster. He was also responsible for Cawdor Castle (1854). Dall House however, was the only house he designed and built himself in the romantic Scots Baronial style, known for its 16th century features, including turrets. The house retains many original Victorian features including the magnificently wood panelled hallways, staircases and reception rooms. The grounds of approximately 60 acres contain many mature specimens of trees, including giant American Red Woods with in its natural meadows and woodland policies. The estate has water frontage and ownership out to the medium solum of Loch Rannoch 115 acres so a total estate of 175 acres, but with full riparian rights of the whole Loch covering 11 miles in length and 1.1 miles wide it’s a great location for fishing and boating. There is also excellent shooting on the estate with deer on your doorstep.

The Estate lies on the edge of the ancient Black Wood of Rannoch, which is one of the largest remnants of ice age forests in Scotland. There is an abundance of wildlife. The estate comes with, 4 houses, 3 with useful income as holiday lets and one being let on an assured short term tenancy, also the original old dairy which is a character full building requiring restoration.

One of the most impressive summaries Unique Property Bulletin have seen:-

1- Sports hall
2- Old swimming pool and unused hydro sub station
3- Water tank
4- Bungalow 10 bedrooms
5- Garages
6- Educational facility
7- Educational facility
8- Vine, mid vine and west vine cottages
9- Green house
10- The walled garden
11- Educational facility
12- Dormitory
13- Dormitory
14- Laboratory
15- Educational facility
16- The croft 2 bedrooms
17- Derelict building
18- Dormitory
19- Joiners house 3 bedrooms
20- Unused hydro sub station
21- Chapel and old stables
22- Ploughman’s cottage 2 bedrooms
23- Robertson house
24- Robertson house annex 4 bedroom apartment
25- 3x tennis courts
26- Large modern building
27- Sports hall
28- Machine store
29- Wood work store
30- Dormitory
31- Struan bungalow 3 bedrooms
32- 3 disused bungalows
33- Old dairy
34- Estate office/house 2 bedrooms
35- Boat house
36- Boat shed
37- Bio – discs sewage treatment
38- Educational facility
39- House 6 bedrooms
40- House 4 bedrooms
41- Old curling rink
42- Shooting range
44- Bungalow 4 bedrooms
45- Bungalow 4 bedrooms
46- Bungalow 4 bedrooms
47- Tractor shed
48- Army assault course
49- Old golf course

Rannoch 5

Dall House Interior Plan (c) 2013 Remax Scotland

Location: Rannoch School, Rannoch, Pitlochry, Perthshire, PH17 2QQ.

Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Equivalent of Freehold).

Guide: Originally £6,000,000, but ….

We understand it may be reduced to under £3,000,000. Though prospective buyers should make specific enquiries if the entire estate “as was” is being sold, or are parts being retained in order to make the main elements more affordable to a wider audience. The undernoted is the very helpful red line title plan guide from Remax Agencies when guided at £2,300,000.

Rannoch Plan

Estate Plan (c) 2013 Promap/Remax Scotland

Contact Remax Agencies Tel: 01738 565800 or 07708 245 189 – Mr Kyle Cockburn. Please can readers help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Tapadh leibh.

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Mole Hole Alert

UKWMO Wadhurst 5 RSZ

 UKWMO/ROC Bunker, Wadhurst, East Sussex (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

From Rannoch School in Perthshire at £2,000,000 plus, we head south to Ticehurst in West Sussex with an incredibly popular unique type of property – priced around £20,000. Much more affordable. But of course different folk have different things that set the heart racing.

Several weeks ago we featured a mole home, also known as an ROC UKWMO Nuclear Bunker….

Unique Property Bulletin – 15 September 2013

As well as our regular readership of 25,000, looking at the general description, there have been an average of 55 folk a day clicking on the dedicated photo-box-link …

ROC Post / UKWMO Photo-Box-Advert Link

This recently peaked at 270 in one day alone with more folk clicking on the photo-box than we have seen so far. That’s the one – the photo-box link that you should see it at the top right hand of this page.

So it is hardly surprising for us to see so many emails there are enquiring about this underground structure. Today 12th October 2013 as we are assembling this week’s Unique Property Bulletin, the owner of Wadhurst-Ticehurst UKWMO has advised he is likely to be accepting one of the provisional offers soon. It is also likely to be AROUND the £20,000 mark. So if you have a notion for mole-ing it, PLEASE don’t delay. Let the owner know if you are interested in his Nuclear Bunker

UKWMO Wadhurst 2 RSZ

Mole Hole – The Only Way is Up (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

Location: UKWMO/ROC Ticehurst Bunker, Stonegate, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN5 7DT.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: Best Offer Above – ROC Bunker & Plot of Land £14,995.

Plus Spare Piece of Land £9,800. Total: £24,795.

To register an interest in, or arrange a viewing of this UKWMO Bunker, please utilise our Contact Page.

Please Don’t Delay: The owner of Ticehurst UKWMO / ROC Bunker has advised he is likely to be accepting an offer very soon. If you have an interest, please make sure you know the owner knows you are wanting to be included in the consideration of offers. Thanks.


A Quick Need To Go To Church

Church Somerset Unique Property Bulletin

Chapel At Burlington Street, Somerset (c) 2013 Eddisons Auctioneers

Quick Need To Go To Church – Not quite what the sinners amongst us might think !

Apologies, this is a fairly short notice of a chapel headed into auction – soon. So you will need to be quick. This is a Bulletin heads-up for anyone looking for such a structure in the Somerset area.

Auctioneer’s Narrative: An end of terrace former chapel believed to date back to 1812. The chapel was formerly part of the museum but has now been made self-contained and totally cleared and is now in a shell condition ready for either a developer/owner occupier to complete the works to their own specification. The property may suit a change of use to a house, subject to obtaining the necessary consents. The overall ground floor area totals about 116.69m2 (1,256ft2) with a ceiling height of about 5.67m (18ft 6in) to attic (not inspected). The building could be split horizontally.

Planning Permission: From North Somerset Council telephone 01934 888888. Planning Application 12/P/1502/F dated 23 October 2012 change of use from museum store to 3 self-contained flats. Planning application 12/P/1502/F dated 16 August 2012 obtained full planning use to the change to 2 three bedroom flats. The property is not listed.

Church Interior Somerset Unique Property Bulletin

Not Sure Why Blackouts Are Needed ? (c) 2013 Eddisons Auctioneers

Location: 9 Burlington Street, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, BS23 1PR.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £90,000.

Contact Eddisons Auctioneers Tel: 0870 853 2525 or Head Office at 0113 243 0101. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the auctioneer know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Competition – £100 Prize

Competition Prize - Unique Property Bulletin


Competition Prize - Unique Property Bulletin

TWO £50 NOTES = Unique Property Bulletin Competition

Following the popularity of our earlier competitions, we are upping the 10 shilling note prize. A guest appearance of the more popular £100 competition is the Unique Property Bulletin prize if any reader can answer our clue. This week we are featuring an EXAMPLE of the £50 maximum denomination note that the rest of the UK has [for some reason it appears only Scotland and Gibraltar have £100 denomination notes]. Though for the avoidance of doubt, if you win the prize for the current competition, it will be an old fashioned cheque headed your way.

Competition HintWWII Beam Inventor

Free to enter. Just let us know your guess of who you think the above Competition Hint refers to? Please email your entry to us by 27th October 2013. You may need to check out a previous edition or two to understand the clue a little better.

This Unique Property Bulletin Competition must be easier than previous ones – we now have 12 correct answers to pop into the hat – so why not have a bash youself? The £100 is there to be won 🙂

Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page


Home For Horses


 Equestrian Buildings & Woodland, Ashford, Kent (c) 2013 Clive Emson

Not an inbound email this time, but a sharp nudge in the ribs when a certain friend said: “I saw that website of yours, why don’t you have anything on there for horse people”. I figured my friend was referring to her four legged mounts rather than a new home for Centaurs !

So with the help of our friends at Clive Emson here is a neat lot that might sate the appetite of our equus e-home seekers.

So here goes for all four legged friend lovers. By the way, it may be worth asking whether the occupation of the “Cabin” is by a sitting tenant, or something you get to use yourself? Along with canvassing the all important views of the local planning department about building a modest home for humans alongside the horse houses.

Auctioneers’ Narrative: Often sought, yet seldom found, is Little Criol Wood, a three acre (1.2 hectares) site with a range of buildings configured in a courtyard style with paddock. The property has a concrete driveway, cesspit drainage and water on site.

It is considered that the property may offer future potential for residential development, subject to all necessary consents being obtainable. Interested applicants are advised to make their own enquiries with the Local Planning Authority, the Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PL. Tel: 01233 330264.

Timber Stable

Block 1 Two loose boxes and double box, which could be sub-divided to create two.

Stable Block 2 Two loose boxes.

Stable Block 3 Two loose boxes and storage.

Open Cart Shed

Dog Kennels Comprising a range of pens.

Cabin We understand the cabin has previously been occupied for many years.


 Equestrian Buildings & Woodland, Ashford, Kent (c) 2013 Clive Emson

Location: Little Criol Wood, Criol Lane, Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent, TN26 1AQ

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £110,000 – Auction Lot 5 – Auction Date 31st October 2013 – If reading this after the auction, please remember FTSAA Protocol. It could make your day, week, or even your year.

Contact: Roy Pugh Auctioneers Tel: 0845 8500333 – Kevin Gilbert or Dave Henwood. Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Real Bargain Barn


Land and Barn, Canterbury, Kent (c) 2013 Clive Emson

You hear tales that are almost apocryphal about fabulous abandoned vintage cars being found under a pile of straw and roosting chickens in old barns. Real finds. Here, hopefully we have the barn that is the real find, and a bargain. At a guide of £18,000 it is surely worth looking into in a little more detail.

Rather than spoil any Sherlock Holmes fun that you, our beloved reader might have, we hand this one over to you to study in forensic detail!

If you do happen to buy it, and especially if you manage to get planning permission to do something especially unique please consider letting us know? We don’t quite have a direct hot line to the wonderful property television programme presenters’ Kevin McCloud at Man Made Home/Grand Designs, or George Clarke at Restoration Man, but we do have a modest “luke warm” telecomms channel between the Unique Property Bulletin and Assistant Producers for both, and a standing invitation to make a suitable introduction. But only if you would like. Anyways, and as always, you can get in touch with us via the Unique Property Bulletin Contact Page 

Auctioneer’s Narrative: Situated off The Street, on the southern side of Preston, near Wingham, adjacent to Derina and opposite Langdon Cottages, is this detached barn in need of repair and refurbishment. The barn sits on a site extending to 0.94 acres (0.38 hectares). It is considered that the site may offer potential for a variety of uses perhaps residential or holiday accommodation, subject to all necessary consents being obtainable. Interested applicants are advised to make their own enquiries with the Local Planning Authority, the Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Dover, Kent, CT16 3PJ. Tel: 01304 872486.

Location: Land and Barn Adjacent to Derina, Longmete Road, Preston, Wingham, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 1DL.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £18,000 – Auction Lot 56 – Auction Date 31st October 2013– If reading this after the auction, please remember FTSAA Protocol. It could make your day, week, or even your year.

Contact: Roy Pugh Auctioneers Tel: 0845 8500333 – Kevin Gilbert or Dave Henwood. Please can readers help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Special Features

Following an absence of several months, our Special Feature series of occasional articles are starting up again. This is in addition to the weekly Unique Property Bulletin.

We are currently putting together one for October 2013. Re-titled “Extra Extra” – these articles are emailed out to Subscribers about 4 weeks prior to being uploaded onto the main Unique Property Bulletin website. If you would like to receive an email alert, and also receive the Extra Extra articles 4 week in advance, please add a destination email for the alert, via the Subscriber box to the right hand side of this page – just below the photograph …

Extra Extra Old Steading Island LINK

… mobile phone, internet i-phone and tablet users may need to go onto “full page mode” to see this part. Just let us know where to send the email alert to and we will be happy to email the link to each article as they are written. Further information on what the Extra Extra Special Features were and are can be found at…

Extra Extra Special Features – Restarting Soon


Daycare Domicile

Daycare 1

 Treetops Daycare, St Pauls Road, County Londonderry (c) 2013 Wilsons Auctions

Firstly an apology to readers from Northern Ireland. We confess to a sparsity of properties from across the water. Ironic, as Antrim for example, is one of favourite places on the planet. Goodness knows there are those here guilty of making such a fuss about ferries and connecting Antrim to Argyll that it is a wonder we don’t have an overload of property from this spectacularly beautiful place and the six counties therein.

So in an effort to remedy that, we have a former Daycare Centre listed at County Derry. With closed down buildings we are really pushing the mixed use premises idea as the ….

The Next Big Thing

There are many game-changing events as they are so called in society nowadays. High Streets are having a very hard time of it. Jobs are a prime area of concern. We know, from our other websites and adventures that creating even 2 or 3 new jobs here, and a few new jobs there mount up over time. In the current example of this Daycare Centre, it could go in one of three directions:-

1] Change of use planning permission application for the ENTIRE premises to a house. Thereby LOSING JOBS & Amenity Function.

2] Continued use of the entire premises as a Daycare Centre.

3] Change of use planning permission application for half of the premises for use as a home, with the other half continuing as a Daycare Centre.

Our contention, especially over at the Scotslion Real Dragons Den website is that for a businesses to have improvement from closure or marginal commercial viability, some lateral thinking can save that business and make it sustainable. Option 3 above is THE one we need to examine and if workable, go for. Yes there maybe a touch of Open All Hours …

Open All Hours

Open All Hours (c) 1982 BBC Television

…. where the owner “lives above the shop”, but with the advent of the internet and e-commerce, and the crying need for new jobs, this IS THE FUTURE as well as the past. All that is needed is to apply a modern thought process to the old fashioned Ronnie Barker design of utilising a building to the maximum.

In the case of this Coleraine Daycare Centre, by having half-and-half use as a home for the owner and continue the other half as a Daycare Centre, then the social amenity function is saved; jobs are saved; the enterprise is also made viable as it the overheads are vastly reduced because the owner has offset the business premise and/or domestic premise costs against each other through an economy of scale.

This may seem convoluted but it WORKS. We know we have seen it, and trialled such projects. This logic works.

The key, of course will be persuading local authority planning departments that this reintroduction of mixed use functions is a good thing. It may be old fashioned and not tick the Town & Country Planning laws, but geographic separation and compartmentalisation of classification uses can prove harmful. Not least for instance in vastly increasing the home-to-work commuting problem/waste. We could write for hours on this subject, but that is for our sister website at:-

Telecommuter Homes

Back to this CLOSED Daycare Centre needing to be reopened – Auctioneer’s Narrative: Commercial premises situated in the Village of Articlave which was previously used as a Day Care Centre.

The property has spacious classrooms with adjoining rooms suitable for toilets and store rooms. There is also a fitted kitchen with a hatch into the dining room. On the first floor there are two further rooms suitable for stores or classrooms and a WC [possibly an owners flat].

The property also benefits from having a rear garden area.

Located approx. 10 minutes from Coleraine Town Centre this property is in an area which is short commuting distance for a number of people

Location: 15/17 St Pauls Road, Articlave, Coleraine, County Londonderry, BT51 4UN.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £75,000Auction Date: 17th October 2013. Remember the FTSAA principle if you read this AFTER the auction date.

Contact Wilsons Auctions Tel: 02890 342626. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the auctioneer know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Architecturally Unique

Class In Glass

Class In Glass 1

SeaGlass, Cowes, Isle of Wight (c) 2013 Knight Frank

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Unique Property Bulletin reader who suggested there be an additional Unique Architecture element to each of the weekly online Bulletins. Thankyou. The reason? To find such interesting and inspiring designs that are truly unique.

Here we have a glass structure for a home. Ever since Crystal_Palace and even before that, humankind has been fascinated with building out of glass.

Here we have, on the Isle of Wight, a design by the renowned Manser Architects. This fabulous home is now for sale.

Agency Narrative:-

An award winning design by the Manser Architectural Practice known as the SeaGlass House, with gardens by John Brookes, SeaGlass is without doubt a very special waterfront home with an immaculate pedigree.

Class In Glass 4

SeaGlass House – Gardens and Seaview (c) 2013 Knight Frank

SeaGlass sits above a wooded cliff with spectacular panoramic vistas across to the New Forest. An enchanting woodland path takes you right to the water’s edge and the beach. SeaGlass is both a perfect waterfront family and weekend holiday home where care has been taken to ensure that all the modern comforts, fixtures and fittings come together effortlessly throughout to create an extremely comfortable and luxurious house in a prime waterfront position.

With a total of 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms there is ample accommodation to cater for a large number of family members and guests. There is also an additional self-contained apartment games room.

Class In Glass 3

SeaGlass House – Crystal Interior (c) 2013 Knight Frank

The gardens and terraces were laid out by John Brookes, one of the most influential garden designers of the later twentieth century. SeaGlass sits amidst 2.74 acres of immaculately landscaped gardens and woodland; a very prominent feature of the house and unique for its coastal position.

Agency Summary:-

6 – 7 Bedrooms

2 – 3 Reception Rooms

4 – 5 Bathrooms

Leisure Facilities


Coastal Location




Further Information & Architect’s Detail:-


The Manser Practice Architects
Bridge Studios
107a Hammersmith Bridge Road
London W6 9DA

Tel: 020 8741 4381

Manser Architects – Contact Page

Class In Glass 2

SeaGlass House – Exterior Comforts (c) 2013 Knight Frank

Location: SeaGlass, Worsley Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 8JW [approx]

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £2,600,000.

Contact Knight Frank Agencies Tel: 020 7861 1098 – Alasdair Pritchard, or: 01962 850333 – George Clarendon. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Try Before You Buy …..

Ty Hedfan – Hovering House

Ty Headfan 1

Ty Hedfan (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

To be clear, our try-before-you-buy section is for renting holiday experiences, or short term leasing of unusual property. The specific building featured in this part of the Unique Property Bulletin is not usually for sale. Our aim is to give you, our reader, a taste of something before you commit major resources to your own project. To sample the notion before jumping in at the deep end.

Ironically this week’s offering is a little like a diving board. It is certainly unique. Brought about by the reaction to Unique Property Bulletin listing 8 -Cape Schanck House. The nearest we could find in Britain to the Australian …

Cape Schanck House – Listing Number 8

… is Ty Hedfan. Main website and information at … 


Rental Detail:-

Ty Hedfan (‘The Hovering House’), is a spectacular house designed by the celebrated architects Featherstone Young. It has won a RIBA National Award for its outstanding architecture and was a finalist for both the Manser Medal and Stephen Lawrence Award. Situated in the stunning surroundings of the Brecon Beacons in Wales, it cantilevers over the beautiful River Ysgir.

This carefully crafted hideaway deep in the Welsh hills has wonderful views not only of the river but also of the surrounding countryside. Although the form of the house echoes icons like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House, the materials used are more in tune with their Welsh surrounds. Traditional slate, timber and a planted green roof offset the expanses of glass.

All rooms are light and spacious. The main living room floats over the river and gives great views by day. By night, with a log fire, the room becomes a cosy focal point. The living, kitchen and dining spaces open on to a raised external terrace with a barbecue and space to eat outside, whilst the lower bedroom wing and main entrance hall link directly to the garden and river bank. The house has three double and two single bedrooms (three en-suite) and can sleep 8 people.

Ty Hedfan 2

Ty Hedfan (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

There are beautiful walks immediately from the house, which is surrounded by the Brecon Beacons National Park and the Black Mountains. Fishing, canoeing, climbing and mountain biking are all activities that are easily pursued in the area.

The closest shops are in Brecon, a historic market town 5 miles away which is host to the famous Brecon Jazz Festival and the Green Man Festival close by. Also nearby is Hay-on-Wye, home to the Hay Literary Festival (20 minutes drive), and Abergavenny which is renowned for its restaurants and pubs (30 minutes drive).

MONTAGE – Ty Hedfan Hovering House

Location: Ty Hedfan, Pontfaen, Brecon, Powys, LD3 9RR.

Tenure: Holiday Lettings Only

Guide: Rental Rates – Subject to confirmation etc:-

Prices per week and weekend (3 nights). Mid weeks also available on request.

Low season (January, February, November & December)
Weekend £800, week £1050

Mid season (March, April, May, September & October)
Weekend £900, week £1300

High season (June, July & August)
Weekend £1100, week £1650

Easter week £1700
Christmas and New Year £1900 for 5 days

Contact: The Modern House – Tel: 020 7704 3504 or Contact Page. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent/owner/auctioneer know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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