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Eco-Perch: Truly Unique Living (c) 2012 Blue Forest

Dear Santa Claus, Please can we have one of these for Christmas? Thankyou. Unique Property Bulletin. xxx.

Any of our readers alive to the current trends in home building just need to tune into Kevin McCloud’s television series Man Made Home


or George Clarke’s program Amazing Spaces for micro living …


… and will see that there are a tranche of television programmes evolving to reflect the current economic and also ecoligical dilemmas of affordable living within the self-build project communities. Especially the more eccentric elements such as ourselves, and readers like those who pop by to see the Unique Property Bulletin every now and then..

Ideal Location – A Real Tree House (c) 2012 Blue Forest

So it is refreshing that we can feature a beautifully designed home, combining the affordable, with the unusual, and a lot of ecological, all within the one package. The Eco-Perch folk have managed this, and with some style too.

Eco-Perch Interior (c) 2012 Blue Forest

The ECO-PERCH concept is based on the Blue Forest range of tree houses and elevated living pods. These are natural, organic, and with geometry that maximise the relationship between the inside space and the outdoor setting. This ensures that the structure sits harmoniously and aesthetically within the landscape.

Eco-Perch Exhibition Pod (c) 2012 Blue Forest

A range of versatile accommodation units offer owners and guests an unrivalled experience. Buildings sleep 4 people on average and are delivered, assembled and commissioned in approximately 5 days (subject to site preparation). The ECO-PERCH design is flexible and can be adapted to suit your site where existing infrastructure is already in place. With options to assemble your building on the ground or in the treetops there are infinite possibilities for creating accommodation with a difference.

To simplify the planning requirements the building has been designed to conform with the Caravan & Mobile Homes Act.

Lots more photographs to give unique property readers an idea of the various design aspects and context of settings possible …

Lots Of Ecoperch Photos – Click Here

Location: Wherever You Want

Tenure: Usually Freehold – Depending On Your Land Title Ownership.

Guide: Structures From £55,000.

Contact EcoPerch – Telephone: 01892 750090.

Online Brochure ….


Eco Perch Design & Build

The Courtyard, Eridge Park,
Eridge, Tunbridge Wells,
East Sussex,


Gaswork House

Gaswork House (c) 2001 Unique Property Bulletin

This is a heads-up. Our lot here at Unique Property Bulletin used to own this former Gaswork House. It was sold as part of a wider complex. We put it up for sale in 2001 with a price tag around £28,000. A buyer emerged to purchase the whole site with all the other buildings. So bye-bye Gaswork House

However, a short while ago we were advised that the chap we sold this building to was minded to put the place up for sale again. We wrote to him to invite a free listing of the building on the Unique Property Bulletin, but the address we had for him is over 10 years old, and apparently out of date. Our letter was returned marked “Gone Away”. We aren’t wanting to buy the building back, but it is the sort of thing, and possibly at the price range that may be of interest to our readers.

Before we start spending a few pounds digging deeper with the research to find the chap, we thought it an idea just to pop the old building onto our website and ask readers directly if they would be curious about this type of building – specifically this structure – and if it is worthwhile making more in depth enquiries to find the current address of the owner, and what price he is looking to obtain for this unusual building?

It should be noted that you will need a boat to get to this old Gaswork House if you did buy it as the property is offshore. Here is our old pier…

Gasworks House – Old Pier Access (c) 2001 Unique Property Bulletin

Please email us directly if you think it a good idea to make further endeavours to locate the owner of the old Gaswork House and see what price he is looking for, as well as being able to put our readers in touch with him…

Contact Us – To find the owner of the old Gaswork House


Priced To Cell

Former West Yorkshire Police Station Ovendon (c) 2012 Pugh & Co.

We are really pleased to read feedback about the series of old nicks previously listed, so include another coming up for sale. Dixon of Dock Green type bargains are cropping up all over the country. Lots of space in some, such as the internal 2,700 square feet and outside grounds of this big detached lump for a guide starting at an almost criminally low price of £90,000 lock, stock and barrel.

Land Included At Ovendon (c) 2012 Pugh & Co.

These unusual buildings may not be to everyone’s taste, but they can offer a very real prospect of having a home (subject to change of use permission) in part with a separate home-office in the other part. Mortgage freedom a distinct possibility at this price level, and sufficient space to have a unique work-home lifestyle away from the urban commute which consumes so much time stuck in traffic. Security is often taken care of too. With lockfast rooms to keep anything valuable you may have such as computer machines, internet server equipment etc.

This old West Yorkshire Police Station at Halifax is certainly a lot of bricks for the money.

Location: Former Ovenden Police Station, Ovenden Road, Ovenden, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX3 5QG.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £90,000 to £100,000For Sale By Auction – Lot 1704th December 2012.

Contact Pugh & Co., Auctioneers Tel: 0844 2722444.

Online Brochure ….



Special Anniversary

Unique Property Feature

Please Click Here To Contact Us and have the forthcoming Special Anniversary Unique Property Feature emailed to you a week in advance of the scheduled publication date.

It is all very well for many readers, and ourselves included, looking at unusual property, being tempted week after week here. It is a whole other thing to actually position yourself to buy the home of your dreams. Just over a decade ago a curious thing happened. If someone just out of the opertaing theatre from back-surgery, medically stuffed, and skint can go from near penury, to this …..

Old Wreck Bought By An Old Wreck (c) 1999 Unique Property Bulletin

Quite A Lot Of Old Wreck ! (c) 1999 Unique Property Bulletin

which then transacted to this ….

Almost Paradise (c) 2000 Unique Property Bulletin

Then another plain building ….

Mundane, But Financially Impressive (c) 2001 Unique Property Bulletin

…. from the above relatively ordinary property, the results directly enabled the ultimate mortgage free unique property for our taste (yours may differ but the principle still holds true) ….

Another Paradise (c) 2001 Unique Property Bulletin

Why can’t you?


The Final Feature article for 2012 will summarise how the Unique Property Bulletin got started, narrate some of the very real adventures along the way, and illustrate the enigma of how something seemingly commonplace can lead to the free Unique Property Bulletin website you can dip into each Sunday night. In addition we will touch upon a separate ancillary spin off project from old wrecks, which created over 100 jobs (by accident).

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Cumbrian Millstone Cottage

Former Millstone Cottage, Durdar, Carlisle (c) 2012 Smith Gore

If you buy this building before Christmas, please let Santa Claus know which chimney to climb down. If he picks the wrong lum, it is a mighty long way down to bring the presents, and we can see the old boy getting really stuck, wedged in the small fireplace at the base of this curious tower chimney.

Millstone Cottage is an attached property and is part of the Blackhall Wood estate. The building is available separately as ‘Lot 2’. For the avoidance of doubt, readers should contact the sales agent and politely ask if it is possible to obtain a copy of the red line land registry title plan to demarcate exactly what is, and what is not included in the sale with regard to land and buildings.

Former Millstone Cottage, Durdar, Carlisle (c) 2012 Smith Gore

Millstone Cottage has been converted from a former mill and some of the original workings still remain in situ. On the ground floor is a kitchen with dining area and a separate sitting room. On the first floor are three bedrooms and a family bathroom. The property is approached over a gated driveway which leads under an archway and opens out to an attractive courtyard with various outbuildings and stores. The original chimney remains in place and makes for an attractive feature.

Location: Millstone Cottage, Blackhall Wood, Durdar, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA5 7LH.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £225,000.

Contact Smith Gore Agencies Tel: 01228 546400.

Online Brochure ….



Triple Oast

Little Halden Triple Oast, Kent (c) 2012 Strutt & Parker

This is an exceptionally good looker for any Oast enthusiasts. A beautifully restored and converted Grade II Listed Oast house of 5400 sq ft occupying an idyllic position enjoying panoramic views over farmland.

Interior Roundel Kitchen Photograph (c) 2012 Strutt & Parker

Of particular merit is the spacious roundel kitchen, fitted with bespoke units, oak worktops and under floor heating. The fittings include a six burner, two oven range and high quality white goods including integral dishwasher, fridge and freezer.

This unusual building is believed to date back to the Jacobean era circa 1603, and which has been added to over the years. The Oast House has been meticulously converted to a very high standard by the present owners. Internally there is spacious accommodation with modern interior and decoration whilst retaining the original charm and character with exposed oak beams and high ceilings throughout.

Little Halden Triple Oast, Kent (c) 2012 Strutt & Parker

The substantial drawing room has French double doors leading to a cobbled patio and the substantial garden.

The first floor is accessed via an impressive oak and glass staircase which leads to the master bedroom and en suite. The master bedroom occupies the roundel providing ample space. Bedrooms two and three both have impressive mezzanine areas accessed via circular feature staircases.

Little Halden is situated in Rolvenden which is located on the outskirts of Tenterden. Rolvenden benefits from a good range of local facilities and shops, post office, village hall, tennis courts and cricket ground, several pubs with restaurants, a parish church and other amenities.

Location: Little Halden Triple Oast, Tenterden Road, Rolvenden, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 4JP.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £1,400,000.

Contact Strutt & Parker Agencies Tel: 01732 459900 – Mr Philip James.

Online Brochure ….



There’s Orangey

The Orangery, Mamhead, Exeter (c) 2012 Knight Frank

From one of our readers who wishes to share …

We visited the former RAF Bawdsey Manor after reading about it in your National Asset Feature. The place is only an hour’s drive away from where we live in === . They had some lovely properties on that site. We were particularly enchanted with the Walled Garden. Do buildings adjacent to this come up for sale? We have sold our house and are keen to find something quirky on the east coast or south coast. Ta.

You are spot on. The Walled Garden area at Bawdsey Manor is very nice. Especially the hidden sanctuary through the secret tunnel. In fact so unusual are the buildings such as the Orangery, and even the walls of the Walled Garden, they are Grade II Listed …


Afraid there is nothing available just now at Bawdsey in Suffolk, but we did locate a very fine and unusual Orangery (our first), plus a Boat House and ancillary property set amidst a fantastic 60 acres – almost half the size of the entire Bawdsey Manor Estate. It is a fair distance from Bawdsey in Felixstowe, but not so far from where you are at. The only glitch – this proposed Orangery is, as many unique properties are – a slight excess over the budget. But the more rarefied the price, we have found the flexibility is malleable too. So if you do like the online brochure, and end up visiting this Orangery at Mamhead, it is always worthwhile probing the estate agent to see how much margin the seller might be able to peel off of the Orangery price.

Quality Interiors (c) 2012 Knight Frank

The Orangery details for the current one for sale at Mamhead, Exeter …

Built in 1740 as a Water House with later designs by Robert Adam. The 18th Century parkland, a magnificent feature of the house, is attributed to Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. The house has undergone extensive refurbishment and extension in the last 40 years with the gardens restored and redesigned with the help of the renowned national designer Georgia Langton. Under its current custodians, all the charm and character has been reinstated to create a fantastic hideaway with many original features. Of particular note is the dining room which is beautifully crowned with a cupola. As well as being the perfect family home, the house is ideal for entertaining with the dining room opening out to a terrace with views over the parkland and out to sea. There are 3 guest bedroom suites in the main house. The Boat House sits on the edge of the lake.

The Orangery Summer House, Mamhead, Exeter (c) 2012 Knight Frank

There is a contemporary Summer House currently used as an art studio. Further useful outbuildings are spread around the ample gardens.

Summary of Accommodation:-

4-6 Bedrooms

4 Reception Rooms

4 Bathrooms


Secondary Accommodation

Tennis Court

Approximately 60 acres

Location: The Orangery, Mamhead, Exeter, Devon, EX6 8HE.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £3,000,000

Contact Knight Frank Agencies Tel: 01392 848823 William Morrison or Alasdair Pritchard : 01392 423111.

Online Brochure & Lots of Photographs ….



Please remember, in addition to our weekly Unique Property Bulletin every Sunday at 9pm, our latest monthly feature to help you find some very unusual places to consider as a unique home are in the National Asset Register – now reviewed….


Excerpt – One section from 545 page of the National Asset Register.

A very unique book sourcing many types of unusual places to live.

Copyright (c) HMSO. Reproduced Under Government PSI Licence C2010002126.

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and finally….

Fantastic Foghorn

The Old Foghorn Building (c) 2012 Mr James Towill

We definitely know who owns this – and it is certainly for sale. But you will also need to buy the biggest chunk of granite on the planet – also for sale if you fancy this fantastic Foghorn Building…

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