Unique Property Bulletin 22 September 2013

£20,000 to £20,000,000

Aerodrome H3

 Stow Maries Aerodrome, Typical WWI Building (c) 2013 Whirledge & Nott

Ordinary Looking – But In Fact 100 Years Extraordinary!

A primary principle of the Unique Property Bulletin is to feature all price regions and balance this with all geographic areas. Last week we had an underground UKWMO Nuclear Bunker For Sale for £20,000. Technically starting at a very modest £14,995. The week before that we featured the highest priced property ever at £20,000,000. Unusually, even for us, this was another subterranean structure, a London Underground Station For Sale.

This week we have another broad menu – both in price and geographic area. Indeed we are looking to move the Unique Property Bulletin website real world presence to a properly unique building. In this Bulletin we are looking for like minded neighbours to buy the detached unique property nearby. More of that later.

Back to this first listing. Somehwere proced between £20,000 and £20,000,000. For a ‘modest’ £2,000,000  we have a World War 1 – almost 100 year old – Aerodrome. Steeped in history. With many possibilities. This is just a delight to feature. A real gem of history. The affection that is gifted to this World War 1 Aerodrome at Stow Maries can be seen via …


There is even a wonderful webcam to see some live streamed visual feed…


and some background – recent – timeline history …


Aerodrome H9 Roger Jones

Stow Maries Aerodrome, Near Maldon, Essex (c) 2013 Roger Jones

Agency Summary:-

Approximately 79 acres (32 hectares)

First World War Aerodrome

Grade II* listed


Change of use of buildings 3-4 FUL/MAL/09/00050 (Completed)
Emergency services access way FUL/MAL/09/00237 (Not started)
Renovation of Building 15 for use visitor centre and museum including re-roofing FUL/MAL/00238 (completed)
Re-instatement of airfield and erection of aircraft hangers to match former buildings on site FUL/MAL/09/00250 (aerodrome completed)
Demolition of dwelling and grain store in order to erect former aircraft hanger FUL/MAL/00251 (Not Started)
Conversion of buildings 9 & 12 for (former MT sheds & stables) to B1 use and model flying club accommodation FUL/MAL/09/00252 (Not started)
Re-erection of aircraft hanger 51 FUL/MAL/00300 (Not started)
Construction of 3 ponds and related access-ways FUL/MAL/00413 (completed)
Renovation of WW1 water tower & re-building of brick piers FUL/MAL/09/00964 (Not started )
Renovation of WW1 water tower & re-building of brick piers FUL/MAL/09/00965 (Not started)
Renovation of former pilots ready rooms and erection of 2 wind socks FUL/MAL/00696 (completed)
New replacement huts for WW1 museum FUL/MAL/09/00699 (Not started)
For planning queries contact: Maldon District Council 01621 854477

Aerodrome H6 Mess Hall

Mess Hall Echoes Over A Century (c) 2013 Whirledge & Nott

Description: A unique opportunity to acquire a former First World War Aerodrome, set in approximately 79 acres, with a range of buildings associated with the aerodrome and camp site; a 3 bedroom bungalow and a temporary hanger. The aerodrome is recognised by English Heritage and is Grade II* listed and has been entered into the English Hertiage Awards 2012 and is currently in the top four which will be judged soon and the BBC will running a documentary.

History: The airfield was developed in 1914 at Stow Maries after the outbreak of the First World War. It was one of several airfields established in the South East of England whose role was to provide home defence cover for London. The airfield continued in use after the end of the war and closed in March 1919.

Land: The land extends to approximately 79 acres and incorporates a grass runway. Much of the land has been entered into various environmental schemes including ELS, HLS and the Woodland Grant Scheme.

Aerodrome Page Top

Stow Maries Aerodrome – Dedicated Preservation (c) 2013 Whirledge & Nott

Buildings : Originally over twenty individual buildings were erected and 22 survive such as the former Officers mess, accommodation huts, workshops such as a blacksmiths workshop. The some of the buildings have been renovated to a high standard.

Bungalow: The aerodrome benefits from a 3 bedroom detached bungalow with a tenant registered under the Rent Act 1977. The current passing is £4849 PA (£93 per week) and is due for review now. Consent was granted to demolish the bungalow and rebuild it elsewhere on the property so that it could be replaced by an aircraft hangar. The consent expired in June 2012.

At Unique Property Bulletin, we would hope that the planners would look favourably on an planning application from a potential buyer of this site to convert one of the 20 or so buildings to their home, with a likely legal covenant that a new, resident owner, would then carry on the very good works already put in place by the current custodians on this 79 acre site. To help keep some part of Royal Flying Corps history to remain alive for future generations to appreciate. After all, this isn’t just a rare WWII airfield, it is an extremely rare WWI aerodrome.

 Aerodrome H4

Stow Maries Aerodrome – Many Unique Buildings (c) 2013 Whirledge & Nott

Location: Stow Maries Aerodrome, Hackmans Lane, Purleigh, Near Maldon, Essex, CM3 6RN.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £2,000,000.

Contact Whirledge & Nott Agencies Tel: 01268 783377. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Underground Nuclear Compound

Bervie Bunker

Guard House & Nuclear Compound, Inverbervie (c) 2013 Shepherd Commercial

Sometimes we don’t feature enough quickfire Bulletin news. Here is a short Bulletin update. We have received official notice from the agents aiming to sell the Bervie Brow Guardhouse – from where the sizeable underground subterranean maze is accessed.

It just struck us that one of the themes we seem to have in the Bulletin are potential homes that are either 100 foot above the earth, or 100 foot below it!

Fuller Narrative …


[Including generic ROTOR Bunker Plans for guidance]

CLOSING DATE – This major Cold War Underground Bunker complex with Guard House atop at Bervie Brow, Inverbervie, DD10 0TA has now had a ‘Closing Date’ set – Scots Law for when final offers must be submitted. Noon – 17th October 2013. Though two further ‘open days’ or should that be mole days for underground viewings have been set to herd any stray folk who would like to view. The open days are 3 October 2013 10am to 11am and 4th October 2pm to 3pm. If you go, please let us know how you get on. Even better, maybe share a photograph or two of this very unusual former nuclear bunker complex. Thanks

Location: The Guard House, Bervie Brow, Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire, DD10 0TA.

Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Equivalent of Freehold).

Guide: £ T.B.A. – However an earlier listing to give some perspective was at the £250,000 mark…


Contact Shepherd Agencies Tel: 01224 202800 – Mark McQueen. Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.




Barn Of Two Beams

Barn Bawdsey 1

Plough Barn, Bawdsey, Suffolk (c) 2013 Fine & Country Agencies

Not just full of beams, but in the neighbourhood of arguably one of the most important ‘other’ types beam in history.

Many years ago when the former RAF Bawdsey – home of radar invention came up for sale, we had a major love affair with the building. Mainly from the fantastic history of the place that inspired the fact based book by Gordon Kinsey: Birth of the Beam. The area is outstandingly beautiful. It is also a very reasonable commute to London if that style of life suits you. Readers should note that a planning condition exists where this barn at Bawdsey must be unoccupied for a fortnight each January. Modern planning laws, don’t you just love them?

Barn Bawdsey 3

 Plough Barn – Character Filled Coversion (c) 2013 Fine & Country Agencies

Agency Summary:-

4 Bedrooms Holiday/Second Home

2 En-Suite Bedrooms

Access to Communal Pool and Tennis Courts

Sheltered South and Westerly Facing Courtyard Garden

Feature Gable Window

Exposed Beams Redeveloped Barn Conversion

Beautiful Views

Open Plan Living Space

Separate Utility Room

 Barn Bawdsey 6

Plough Barn – Country Views (c) 2013 Fine & Country Agencies

Location: Plough Barn, Manor House Estate, Bawdsey, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 3AL.

Tenure: Understood to be Freehold. However buyers should clarify this. Also an important note: The properties on Manor House Estate are sold as holiday/second homes only and are subject to a planning instrument that they may be occupied all year except between 6th January to 17th February.

Guide: £400,000

Contact Fine & Country Agencies Tel: 01394 446 007. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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Competition – £100 Prize

Unique Property Bulletin Prize £100 Note Obverse

Following the popularity of our earlier competitions, we are upping the 10 shilling note prize. A guest appearance of the more popular £100 note is featured as the current Unique Property Bulletin prize if any reader can guess

Competition HintWII Beam Inventor ?

Free to enter. Just let us know your guess of who you think the above Competition Hint refers to? Please email your entry to us by 27th October 2013. You may need to check out a previous edition or two to understand the clue a little better. Email free entries to:-

Unique Property Bulletin Competition Entry Contact Page

P.S. The £100 is valid in the whole of the UK.


Unique Bulletin Neighbour Please

  Cantick Head Lighthouses Des Colhoun

Ultimate Get Away From It All (c) 2013 Des Colhoun


Contact Page – Unique Property Bulletin


This setting is so unique, that a family member of Unique Property Bulletin now intends buying one of the three houses at Cantick Head Lighthouse Compound. The idea is also to have part of the Unique Property Bulletin website run from this spectacular place. We are now looking for a Unique Property Bulletin reader who would like to be our neighbour please? Come up and join us. You have a choice of which former lighthouse keeper’s house to buy. Between £110,000 and £150,000 [sizeable discount possible if purchased via Cantick Head Ltd]. This location is sublime. A Heavenly place on Earth.

That will mean if you too buy one of the remaining buildings you will have modestly eccentric – probably fellow eccentric Unique Property Bulletin website neighbours. Uncertain whether that is a good or bad thing!

Not that there are many neighbours on this part of the Orcadian archipelago. 16,000 people live on the numerous islands that form Orkney, but South Walls has a very light population and nice, wide open spaces. Plus truly exceptional sea views. To reach the Cantick Head Lighhouse Compound on South Walls Island can be very quick and efficient, or very ‘interesting’ and somewhat meandering. Both spectacularly scenic.

What is for sale in this Bulletin are the two remaining buildings at the Cantick Head Lighthouse Compound. The Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House guided at £150,000 [or £139,000 if via the Cantick Head Ltd., syndicate purchase].

Cantick Head 3

Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Detached House – Right of Photo (c) 2013 Lows

Cantick Head PLK Floorplan GF

 Above – Principal Lighthouse Keeper Plans (c) 2013 Lows Cantick Head PLK Floorplan FF

Above Principal Lighthouse Keeper – First Floor Plans (c) 2013 Lows

Alternatively you might like a former Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s House guided at £110,000/£125,000 depending on which one you choose [one has an extra room].

Cantick Head ALK MAINAssistant Lighthouse Keeper’s Semi-Detached House (c) 2013 Lows

 Cantick Head ALK Floorplan MAIN

 Assistant Lighthouse Keeper Building – Floor Plans (c) 2013 Lows

The Unique Property Bulletin family member has indicated that whichever building is left will be the one to semi-house this publication. All three buildings are in such an awesome and spectacular setting that any one of the three would be in our top ten UK unique homes.

MV Thorsvoe Russ McLean

Older Style Ferry – MV Thorsvoe (c) 2001 Russ McLean

The Orkney Islands are ferry paradise, with many regular services between the islands. Plus the world famous Churchill Barriers…

Churchill_Barriers – Wiki Information Link


Churchill Barriers – Montage of Beautiful Photographs

This Is Where You Would Live Life To The Full

These historic causeways link the islands around Scapa Flow like a string of pearls.

The quick way to travel – if you are moving from Orkney ‘mainland’ is simply via the Lyness ferry which used to be the MV Thorsvoe. Though the ferry fleet is constantly being updated with newer ships.

If you are buying a remote house from further away, for example London City, then the money saved on buying, or retaining a very expensive London house could be spent on your own private plane. Seriously. If you buy the modestly priced detached three bed lighthouse home at Cantick Head this is a distinct and financially viable possibility. Though many folk prefer the old fashioned ferry across the water. With one of the most interesting sea views in the UK ….

Cantick Head By Brian HP

The View From Your Orcadian Unique Home (c) 2013 Brian H

Lots of passing ships via your front door through the Pentland Firth, then you have a marvellous place to live, and more than enough to pay for your own small aircraft. The average price for a detached house in Greater London HM Land Registry Prices – London is £825,069 with a semi-detached just shy of half a million pounds at £496,468. Other cities such as Edinburgh have similar juicy prices HM Land Registry Prices – Edinburgh is £343,046 [Source BBC/HM Land Registry 2013]

From a personal preference. It takes a lot to beat the romance and evocative nature of boarding a ferry to an island. REALLY getting away from the madding crowd. As for Cantick Head, South Walls and Hoy? There are a full range of shops, schools and recreational facilities such as diving in Scapa Flow, sailing, climbing – the Old Man Of Hoy is legendary, and that is on your island. Other interesting activities on the islands can be seen via ..


So if you would like to be a neighbour with the real world version of the virtual Unique Property Bulletin website, please get in touch with us at:-

Cantick Head Ltd.,


Our Contact Page – Please Click Here

Many thanks.

Location: Cantick Head Lighthouse Cottages, Longhope, Island of Hoy, Orkney, KW16 3PQ.


Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Equivalent of Freehold).


Principal Lighthouse Keepers House [Detached]: Guide: £150,000 [or £139,000 via Cantick Head Ltd]

Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Cottage 1 [Semi-Detached]: Guide: £125,000 [or £119,000 via Cantick Head Ltd]

Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Cottage 2 [Semi-Detached]: Guide: £110,000 [or £99,000 via Cantick Head Ltd]

These are guides for individual buildings and reflect added costs in fees for splitting the feu etc. The ‘economies of scale’ of a syndicated purchase means there is some flexibility in price as indicated if purchased via the separate building approach co-ordinated by Cantick Head Ltd. It is at the discretion of the seller which, if any offer they may accept. For the avoidance of doubt, we, here at Unique Property Bulletin do declare an interest. We wish to be able to publish the Unique Property Bulletin, in part, from one of the buildings. Therefore one lighthouse keeper’s building is already effectively under offer. However, to give other buyers a FULL choice – which one any second or third buyer might like to make an offer on, we at the Unique Property Bulletin are more than happy to buy the tail-end-charlie third building which the other two buyers are not wanting. All three are magnificently located, and we would be happy just to be there.

For further details, please email Cantick Head Ltd., utilising the Contact Page introduction from …

Unique Property Bulletin – Cantick Head Ltd – Contact Page


To Find This Website Again,

Just Google Three Words:-

Unique Property Bulletin


Locked Up & Tucked Up

LockKeeper West H1

Old Lock Keeper’s House, Selby (c) 2013 Keith Brown

This is an exceptional home for the inland waterway person. One foot on dry land. One on the water – or at least near enough – in a canal boat. The canal boat, by the way, is not included, but there are moorings available.

The former Lock Keeper’s home is a nice place to be tucked up for when you are on land and not cruising the vast number of historic inland canals that the UK is fortunate to have.

Agency Summary:-

Former Lock Keeper’s Cottage with the potential for possible mooring rights (subject to negotiation with the canal and river trust authorities).

Lock Keeper WestH2 Christine Johnstone RSZ

Picturesque Old Lock Keeper’s Home (c) 2013 Christine Johnstone

This former Lock Keeper’s 3 bedroom detached cottage provides a tranquil location with an excellent rural aspect. The property boasts PVCu double glazed windows and doors, propane gas central heating, PVCu conservatory, detached concrete garage and small store and excellent gardens.

 Lock Keeper WestH Christine Johnstone RSZ

Canal Lovers’ Nirvāna (c) 2013 Christine Johnstone

Location: The Old Lock Keeper’s House, Main Street, West Haddlesey, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 8QB.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £249,995.

Contact Keith Taylor Agencies Tel: 01757 709457. Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

Online Brochure ….



At The Chalk Face

Chalk Quarry David Mersh RSZ

Enigmatic Hobbit Style Entrance – Chalk Quarry, Kent (c) 2013 David Mersh

This is an interesting FTSAA: Failed-To-Sell-At-Auction property, ripe for an offer. Originally guided at £100,000 in September 2013, there is a disused chalk quarry to phone television architectural presenters – Kevin McCloud or George Clarke about. We are sure either could put ideas forward for a stylish unique home to be built at this site. In fact we have direct lines to the production companies of both gentlemen, and would be delighted to make the introduction if you do buy this former Chalk Quarry and all that lovely land.


Don’t Worry – There Are Bigger Access Roads – Chalk Quarry (c) 2013 Clive Emson

Auctioneer’s Narrative: A fascinating area of land extending to nearly 50 acres, comprising a former chalk quarry situated to the east of the village of Burham and to the north of Maidstone with good access to the M2 Motorway, via junction 3, and the M20 Motorway, via junction 6. The terrain of the quarry is over three levels with a majority of the site lying at the lower level.

It is understood that the site lies in a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).


Lower Cutland Chalk Quarry, Kent (c) 2013 Clive Emson

What an expanse of land to buy – it is like something out of a Holywood Movie. Such wide open spaces. All yours for a bargain price.

Planning: Interested applicants are advised to make their own enquiries with regard to potential future uses of the land with the Local Planning Authority, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Gibson Buildings, Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4LZ. Tel: 01732 844522.

Site Measurements: Approximately 49.77 acres (20.14 hectares).

 Chalk Quarry Robin Webster RSZ

Lower Cutland Chalk Quarry, Kent (c) 2013 Robin Webster

This last photograph of pure green grass, white chalk and blue sky vividly captures a sublime place to create an equally magnificent unique home.

Location: Lower Cutland Quarry, Pilgrims Way, Burham, Rochester, Kent, ME1 3SN

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £100,000 – Auction Lot 63 – Failed-To-Sell-At-Auction Date: 12 September 2013.

Contact Clive Emson Auctioneers Tel: 0845 85008333 – Mr Jon Stockey or Mr Ben Snelling. Please can you help the Unique Property Bulletin stay FREE to use by letting the estate auction house know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

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High Tower – Low Price ?

 Water Tower Coulsdon 4

Water Tower Apartment, Coulsdon, Surrey (c) 2013 Andrews/Barnard Marcus

Another quick Bulletin update. We sort of predicted this magnificent structure may end up an FTSAA: Failed-To-Sell-At-Auction. On the auction day – 10th September, the apartment within this tower did indeed fail to sell.

It is, as the euphemism goes – for sale by a financial institution. Further detail featured half way down our earlier Unique Property Bulletin

Coulsden Tower Original Bulletin – Half Way Down Page

Location: Apartment, The Water Tower Cayton Road, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 1LW.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: IN THE REGION OF £150,000

Contact Barnard Marcus Auctioneers Tel: 020 8741 9990 – Mr Chris Glenn – Please pass Chris our kind regards. He will do his absolute best for you. We know. Chris has pulled many a rabbit out of a hat for us, and is one of the best auctioneers in the United Kingdom.

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Architecturally Unique 


Warren House, Highgate, London (c) 2013 Modern House Company

We just had to include this. Water features just do it for us. So here is an architect designed gem in the capital city of London.

Inspired by Malibu and Mies van der Rohe, this architect designed structure is a dream home oasis in the centre of urban-uber-stress.

It was, apparently, created by novices.

Sunday Times Feature – Warren House

Location: Warren House, Hornsey Lane, Highgate, London, N6 5LT [thereabouts]

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £3,500,000

Contact Modern House Company Tel: 020 7704 3504 . Please can you help Unique Property Bulletin stay free to use by letting the estate agent/owner know that you found their property on the Unique Property Bulletin website. Thankyou.

Online Brochure AND 27 photographs ….



Try Before You Buy …..

Unique Holidays & Rentals

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine Hotel RSZ

 Yellow Submarine Holidays (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

We came across this entirely by accident. Not quite sure what this nautical holiday might inspire by the way of this type of floating abode, but here it is. This is after all a unique property website.

Further details of what accommodation and features are on this Beatles Band inspired

Montage of Beatles Band Yellow Submarines 

The Yellow Submarine Hotel can be found at …


Further information and bookings – please telephone or text: 07885 295413.