Unique Property Bulletin 3 June 2012

Hidden Highland Castle

Dalmunzie Castle (c) 2012 Calum McRoberts.

Dalmunzie Castle is a picturesque turreted Scots’ Baronial style building in an estate dating back to 1510. The house itself dates to around 1884, and currently serves as a 17 bedroom hotel. Whilst the price tag of £1,750,000 is at the high end of what we normally feature in the Unique Property Bulletin, simple arithmetic brings this into our £100,000 a room ownership price range. Not just theory but fact as our new and evolving Hotel Room Ownership website with a proven and established hotel purchase track record for unique lifestyle will illustrate. Notwithstanding the problem we at Unique Property Bulletin have in buying things that are supposed to be just written about, we shall endeavour to return to this fabulous award-winning hotel as a single purchase by a single individual, couple, or company for the entire castle. Sadly and reluctantly it is being sold by Brianna Poole following the recent sudden death of her young husband Scott, with whom she operated the business for eight years.

Set in its own grounds in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park, the 17-bedroom Dalmunzie Castle hotel is situated amongst the magnificent scenery of Glenshee.

The hotel has been completely refurbished resulting in a warm and hospitable ambience for guests. With its feature fireplace, flagstone floors and its mix of traditional fabrics and rich wood panelling, the property exudes a traditional Highland welcome. The 17 bedrooms are individually styled and include the three tower rooms, which are the former Laird’s bedrooms.

Also included in the sale is ‘Carriages’ — originally the owner’s house and recently converted into excellent self-catering accommodation sleeping 13.

A fuller narrative is available from Christies selling agent. Also worth visiting a related website for the castle ….


Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Freehold Equivalent).

Guide: £1,750,000. (Anyone interested in looking at Dalmunzie in terms of Hotel Room Ownership please Contact Us Directly ).

Contact Christie Estate Agency (Whole Hotel Purchase ): 0131 557 6666.

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Flat Sails

No Sail Windmill For Sale (c) 2012 Freeman Forman.

This unusual looking former windmill may have no sails, but it does have two flats for sale included into the bargain along with the main detached windmill tower.

Located at Lewes, Spital Road, East Sussex, BN7 1LS, this property has more than just the 600 year old Grade II listed windmill. There is stabling for 14 horses too!

Windy Miller Stables (c) 2012 Freeman Forman.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is planning permission for the construction of a detached bungalow.

One way or another quite a sale, or even a sail.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £950,000.

Contact Freeman Forman Agency: 01273 289384.

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Take A Book

Lofthouse Library (c) 2012 Betty Longbottom.

We always endeavour to cover all styles of building, all areas of the country, and every price bracket.

This is a nice cheap and cheerful one at £15,000 guide. The former Lofthouse Library, located at Carlton Lane, West Yorkshire, WF3 3LJ.

A simple building, perhaps now with less books and looks. Though maybe worth placing a telephone call to the local planning authority to see if they would allow a change of use, and possible enlargement. Say a house, plus some form of semi-commercial use. Not quite a library, but maybe an internet coffee shop plus small living area. Something that would combine an unusual home, a lifestyle, and maintain a community function fairly close to the original use. Just a thought. This logic has worked for us before as narrated on the Internet Cafe part of a project on the Real Dragons’ Den website.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £15,000 to £20,000Auction 14th June 2012 (please confirm with auctioneer as their webpage is VERY unclear on this).

Contact Eddisons: 0113 243 0101.

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St Andrews Up & Coming Thrice Location

St Andrews Church at North Street (c) 2012 Church of Scotland.

This particular building was fresh at the time of intended publication (missed edition 27/5/2012). However the offer deadline looms large at high noon on 15th June 2012. The key for our regular readers is to watch out in case any given building fails to sell. Either at a tender deadline, auction, or any other time critical sell by date.

The reason, and this is from many pleasant experiences, both within our small group at UPB, and the wider circle of friends and readers, is that if something fails to sell at the vendors specified deadline, it places the property in a very interesting dynamic, and any potential buyer in an often unique, and very positive position.

So what do we have here?

This is a magnificent and beautiful building, situated at 76-78 North Street, St. Andrews, KY16 9AH. It has a handsome price tag too at “offers over” half a million pounds. With the cost of any conversion putting the church at St. Andrews in a fairly rarefied area amongst the buying community who are already thin on the ground. Come the 16th June 2012, the day after the ‘Closing Date’, it may very well be an offer starting with the number ‘4’ instead of a ‘5’ that could win this gorgeous piece of 1843/1851 gothic masonry and stained glass after the deadline if it fails to sell as scheduled.

Having said that, the very close proximity of this magnificent edifice to the ancient University of St Andrews, which in, and of itself will now and for ever be linked to the future King and Queen, will like as not mean this particular building will sell. If you think this church looks like a splendid piece of architecture, you should see what it overlooks!

Given the above difficulty in assessing whether this church at St. Andrews will, or will not sell by the tight deadline, would you fancy a small fun bet on whether this building will be for sale after 15th June 2012 ?

The Church of Scotland have an online link to the full brochure which shows the dedication and skill of the good people who built this particular church in the Victorian era. The interior photographs are especially worth clicking onto.

As for thrice? Location 1, St Andrews is ancient, but also in a renaissance, and one of the places to watch. Location 2, our building above sits at a central part of this amazing place. Location 3, the home of the combined heart of the future King and Queen started to beat at St Andrews. Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer themselves would likely give this one three out of three for location.

Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Freehold Equivalent).

Guide: £500,000. Closing Date set for 15th June 2012.

Contact Church of Scotland Direct: 0131 240 2263.

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Gone Fishing

Lake At Charles Street (c) 2012 Eddisons.

Normally we strive for a wide variety of sources, but couldn’t resist a second entry in our weekly Bulletin from Eddisons Auctioneers.

This delightful fishing lake at Charles Street, Horbury, Wakefield, WF4 5FD, really caught our eye. All you need is a small hut (subject to planning permission) and this is a bargain price retreat to get away from it all. Especially if you know what some of the salmon beats north of the border go for. Substantial money. So this might be a neat treat for some lucky person.

The lake is believed to hold a good stock of mixed coarse fish including carp, perch, pike and silver fish and the water is easily accessed from a track along the western bank.

The Property and Fishing Rights are offered with vacant possession on completion. In addition, some who have never bought lakes, or canals before, the protocol is generally the land that occupies the river or lake bed is bought freehold. Makes sense when you think about it.

Access to the Lake is via Millfield Road and then Charles Street which is understood to be a privately maintained public highway with pedestrian and vehicle access rights for the public. The vendors have no knowledge as to maintenance liability and interested parties are advised to make their own enquiries of Wakefield MDC Highways Department.

The property will be sold subject to all rights of way, water, sewerage, support, wayleave or other easements and to all charges connected with or chargeable on it whether mentioned in these particulars or not.

CAUTION AND A SAFETY CONSCIOUS mindset should be adhered to when inspecting or visiting any water site.

Tenure: Freehold.

Guide: £10,000 – Auction 14th June 2012 (please confirm with auctioneer as their webpage is VERY unclear on this).

Contact Eddisons: 0113 243 0101.

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Jail For Sale

Former HM Longriggend Prison (c) 2012 Mr Jim Smillie.

Well the land upon which the former HM Prison Longriggend sat. All that is left of this jail is some appalling barbed wire which one commentator remarked “it is frightening that there are people in society who need to be behind that sort of thing”.

The author of this has been in many jails – in police uniform it should be added – but never come up with a jail for sale before. This is pretty grim, but the old buildings have been demolished and this is a fairly large lump of land at, Longriggend, near Airdrie, ML6 7TT.

8.59 Acres in total, and originally sold for £1,660,587 in Jan 2008 before being taken into possession.

The largest with access off Avonhead Road. Accommodated the now demolished infamous Remand Centre (closed in 2000, demolished in 2005).

Also fronting Avonhead Road is the former car park and bus terminus for the Remand Centre. Site 3; 0.39 Acres. South of Avon Avenue houses a series of derelict lock up garages. Site 4; 0.469 Acres is east of Avon Avenue, vacant land. Site 5; 0.729 Acres. Adjacent Upperton Farm previously contained buildings and a car park, now tarmac surface. Site 6; 0.362 Acres. North of Dervaig Avenue, undeveloped ground adjacent residential dwellings.

Background detail ….



Tenure: Feuhold (Scottish Freehold Equivalent).

Guide: £147,500.

Contact Future Property Auctions: 0141 632 6599 (sale scheduled 12th June 2012, though as always, watch out for a bargain if this fails to sell at auction).

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